Get video in true HD with the latest HD90 – 720P Camera Pen

The latest spy camera pen takes video in true HD with the HD720P recording lens and no interpolation.

Many camera pens you see on the market are not a true HD and use a process called interpolation to artificially upscale a lower resolution video to make it look closer to HD quality. This pen uses a OmniVision CMOS sensor chip that helps the video recorded to be in true HD without any upscaling.

This pen offers a sleek durable metal casing look and fits comfortably in your hand. You can start recording video with the touch of the button on the top of the pen.

The indicator light on the pen will flash a few times to show you recording has started but then turns off while recording.

One need not worry about running out of space with the Micro SD card slot which makes the memory expandable. When you fill up the memory you can easily erase and start over a micro SD card is needed to use this device.

No cables or software are needed to view the recordings on your computer as this pen has a USB connector built-in so you can plug it in directly just like a flash drive.

This pen works with MAC and Windows computers.


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