Virtual Reality Anywhere now possible with new Gear VR

Gear VR enables virtual reality anywhere, anytime, and it’s the most integrated VR system developed to date.

Leveraging the Samsung GALAXY Note 4, the Gear VR Innovator Edition allows developers to build truly mobile VR experiences. Just snap the phone into the headset, and dive into virtual reality anytime, anywhere.


You can swim with blue whales; pilot arcade fighters through asteroid fields; dungeon crawl; use extrasensory abilities to solve puzzles; collect swirling, 16-bit minotaurs; and a lot more with these first experiences.

Through close collaboration with Samsung, the Innovator Edition is ultra-low latency, leveraging the Note 4’s low-persistence AMOLED display for a high-definition image with almost no motion blur.

Ultimate Fascinating viewing Experience,  as if you were at in front of a mega screen. It becomes easy for everyone to enjoy Virtual Reality.
With mega sized screen, Gear VR lets you feel the world beyond your peripheral vision.

96 viewing angle


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