Icaros ‘active VR’ is a full-body workout virtual reality fitness & gaming machine

Icaros ‘active VR’ gives you a full-body workout virtual reality fitness & gaming machine.

Munich-based startup Icaros GmbH has created a gadget that combines fitness and computer games. The ICAROS setup includes the machine, the controller, the VR headset and it trains its user’s muscles through a VR game. The wireless gaming system stimulates various muscle groups – neck, chest, shoulders, abs, quads, and more – by transforming the gamer into a pilot with the help of a flight simulator. The movement of the aircraft relies on leg and arm movement, or tilting forwards and backwards.

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ICAROS is a system to fly through virtual worlds, play games and exercise the body at the same time. With the ICAROS you can train your muscles and stimulate the capability of reaction and balance. Simply with your movements on it you control and determine the flight path or diving path in the game. It sounds quite easy and so it is – but it needs a little exercise not to crash. Once you have it, you’ll never want to walk again.

A wireless or wired head mounted display to experience the fascination of ICAROS virtual reality games.

Experience the fascination of total immersion. This is a mind blowing way to explore the infinite universe of virtual reality. Relax, discover or challenge yourself.

The controller is attached to the handlebar and measures all your movements on the ICAROS. Precise, ergonomic and wireless it is your link to the virtual world.




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