Walli – Smart Wallet

Walli is an intelligent wallet that keeps track of your valuables. It’s an interactive system between your phone and your wallet, so if you lose your wallet then your phone notifies you, if you lose your phone, just tap the wallet twice and your phone will automatically ring. Walli connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth. Once connected, the Walli app will display notification on your phone once you get too far from it. Connecting to an iOS and Android app over Bluetooth 4.0, it sends a display notification to the user’s phone as soon as it goes out of range. But what might give Walli an edge over the other smart wallets out there is its ability to keep tabs of what’s supposed to be inside

The wallet also monitors within its pocket. With our patent pending technology, Walli pockets are smart and send a signal to your phone when your credit card/ID is missing for too long. You can set a timer (through the app), after which the app will notify you about the missing card pocket. If you can’t find your phone and if your phone is within range (<100ft), then a simple gesture (double tap) on your wallet will set an alarm on your phone even if it’s on silent mode. Walli is RFID protected. This means, thieves cannot scan Walli (also known as RFID skimming) and get access to your card information. A patent-pending technology the creators call SecurePockets sees Walli keep track of which pockets inside the wallet usually play home to cards. They claim these pockets to be smart, and capable of sending a signal to the paired smartphone should a credit card or ID be missing from its slot for too long (the period of time can be configured in the app).

For something so easily misplaced, a lost wallet can cause an inordinate amount of hassle. Chores like replacing a driver’s license and calling the bank to cancel credit cards, while resigning oneself to the loss of whatever cash was stored within, aren’t much fun in anyone’s book. The people behind Walli are aiming to save forgetful folk from such hassles, by giving their smartphone a nudge when the wallet or some of its contents are left behind. Walli is made from genuine leather and is available in both black and blue. Conveniently, it runs on a coin cell battery so it won’t need charging, though the battery will need replacing around every six months.


For more information please visit: www.mywalli.com




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