‘WaterLily Turbine – ‘Harvest Energy Anywhere!’- power from flowing stream

WaterLily is a portable turbine loved by campers, paddlers, filmmakers, and off-gridders around the world. It charges phones, speakers, cameras, battery banks, and even 12V devices, by generating power from rivers and streams.

WaterLily is a green energy turbine that allows users to harvest clean, sustainable energy from their natural surroundings with zero impact on the local environment.

Portable Water Turbine, 12 V Connector

WaterLily is a portable water and wind turbine that provides off-grid power to those who need it most. 

WaterLily can solve remote energy challenge by empowering people to generate their own electricity and have continuous light and charged devices which will improve their lives.

Plug into nature.

Charge your devices anytime, day and night, with consistent, reliable river power.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

When hurricanes and floods take down power lines, WaterLily can provide an immediate, consistent, 24-hour source of power in times of emergency.

Power for your devices

Charge USB and 12V devices, including cell phones, LED lights, fans, small and large battery banks, GPS, lead acid batteries, and more.

At home convenience.

Setup camp near a river and use WaterLily like a power outlet.

Plug in and enjoy your day.

Spend your day exploring while WaterLily charges your devices.

Charge overnight, just like home.

Plug in your devices before bed and wake up to full batteries in the morning.

Charge devices as fast as you do at home.

In an average river, WaterLily charges most small electronics as fast as your wall outlet at home.

24/7 Charging

The sun doesn’t always shine, but rivers flow 24/7, so WaterLily can generate 8x more power in one day than 14W solar panels.

Power Without Maintenance

Solar panels require re-positioning as the sun moves across the sky, but WaterLily can run for days without maintenance.

Spectacular Value

WaterLily can generate up to 360 Watt hours of power in a day. A 14W solar panel will generate 42 Watt hours on a good day. A 100W panel? 300!

Power Overnight

Instead of fussing with your solar panel during the day, setup WaterLily for overnight charging and wake up to full batteries in the morning.

On average, WaterLily users harvest enough energy to displace 1 million AA batteries every 2 days, and 180 million AA batteries each year!

Empowering people to generate their own electricity initiates a cycle of economic improvement for individuals and their families. Continuous light and charged devices unlocks additional working and studying hours. The impact: children finish school, businesses operate more effectively and additional jobs are created.