‘Proof’ is a wearable alcohol-sensing gadget with iphone app to give you a real-time read of your blood alcohol level (BAL).

Milo Sensors is creating the next generation of wearable biosensors that gain blood-level insights in a non-invasive way. ‘Proof’ is a wearable alcohol-sensing gadget with iphone app to give you a real-time read of your blood alcohol level (BAL).


It will allow wearers to pre-set alcohol consumption limits, with the smart bracelet monitoring BAL through perspiration in real-time.

“Milo’s wrist-worn biometric sensor was developed to provide an accurate and affordable means for continuously tracking blood alcohol level without needing to blow into a breathalyser or take a blood test,” the company explains.

Milo Sensors

Bob Lansdorp, who co-founded the company, told WearableZone: “The alcohol that’s in your bloodstream diffuses through your skin, and we pick up those trace amounts that would naturally just go off into the air.

“We capture those and turn them into a signal that relates to the alcohol content in your blood.”

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