Wireless motorcycle helmet has smart brake light that shines at motorist eye level

The brake lights on your motorcycle work okay. But they’re mounted low on your bike and don’t account for different types of braking. The new Wireless motorcycle helmet has beend evloped with smart brake light that shines at motorist eye level.

Motorcycle helmets are beneficial safety gear, but only in a “In case of emergency, break glass” sort of way, when things are already bad. California startup Brake Free wants to make your helmet useful in preventing the emergency in the first place, but mounting a highly visible automatic LED brake light on it, where car drivers are more likely to notice and respond.

Brake Free 6

Brake Free is an ultra bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves a motorcycle’s visibility. It mounts on the back of the helmet you already own and its sensors works automatically to let others know whenever you slow down–braking, engine braking, or downshifting. No need for a wired installation or connected apps. Brake Free is simply a smarter way to be seen.

Brake Free utilizes accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to autonomously detect when you’re slowing down no matter how: braking, engine braking, or downshifting. When it does detect you braking, its LEDs glow brighter letting drivers around you know instantly. And there is no wired installation or connected apps with your phone for it to work.

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