Xinfrared One XH09 is the world’s first thermal camera for smartphones with a fast 50Hz refresh rate


XH09 is a multifunctional thermal camera.

Its telephoto range allows it to attach it to a smartphone’s USB-C port and provides with the ability to see heat signatures in such an incredibly small package.

Xinfrared One XH09 turns your smartphone into a professional thermal night vision monocular and thermal camera, even better than expensive ones. Whether it’s wildlife observation, wilderness rescue, camping safety, or home inspections, XH09 will be your indispensable mate. It is also a high-tech gift for children to explore the world.

XH09 thermal imager represents the epitome of Xinfrared’s technological prowess and innovation. With X³ advanced algorithm, the IR resolution increases from 256×192 to 384×288, delivering ultra-clear and sharp images. Whether you’re a home inspecter or an outdoor enthusiast, Xinfrared One XH09 thermal camera is your ideal tool for pinpointing heat loss in your home or effortlessly spotting deer and hogs.

Boasting high-performance sensors and InfiRay’s advanced technology, XH09 thermal monocular has a detection range of 870 m. You can easily spot hogs, coyotes, and other pests from over 500 yards away at night. Equipped with a 2-15x digital zoom, you and your kids can easily observe birds perched on distant trees and search for lost companions during your camping adventures. XH09 is an essential tool for wilderness survival.

The world’s first thermal camera for phones with a 50Hz high frame rate. XH09 provides clear and smooth imaging, effortlessly capturing targets even when they’re in fast motion. Its robust all-metal construction and IP65 rating render it impervious to intense rainstorms and ocean waves, ensuring you never miss a sighting of raccoons and waterfowl, even in severe weather conditions.

With AItemp technology, it effortlessly detects temperature changes within 0.04℃. Featuring over 50 professional environmental parameters, whether you are an engineer, technician, or homeowner, this thermal infrared camera can easily detect thermal hazards. It is even more sensitive than expensive handheld thermal imager.

It can be leveraged to inspect home insulation and HVAC issues.

For outdoor activities, it turns your phone into a hunting thermal imager in seconds.

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50Hz High Frame Rate

World’s first 50Hz Thermal camera for phone. For inspection work, it can provide high-quality and smooth infrared thermal images and videos, accurately pinpointing problem areas. For outdoor activities, whether it’s fast-moving vehicles or animals, XH09 ensuring you never lose track of wild boars and deer.Article Image

Thermal Camera and Thermal Monocular

XH09 is a multifunctional thermal camera. In daily life, it can assist you in saving time and money by quickly inspecting home insulation and HVAC issues. For outdoor activities, it turns your phone into a hunting thermal imager in seconds.Article Image

2 – 15X Zoom

With a 2-15X zoom, XH09 can easily see deer and buildings beyond 551 yards. Xinfrared ultra-clear sensor and powerful Infrared makes remote maintenance and hunting a breeze.Article Image

0.04℃High Sensitivity

High-sensitivity chip easily detects a temperature difference of 0.04℃, displaying 49,152 real-time temperature data points in the infrared image. Whether it’s for building maintenance, electrical inspection, or HVAC repairs, it’s the best gadget.Article Image

Essential Survival

An ideal companion for wilderness rescue, camping safety, wildlife observation and parenting activity./p>Article Image

Compound Bow Mode

8 professional hunting reticles, it’s the ideal companion for scope enthusiasts. Spotting hogs, coyotes, and other elusive pests from distances exceeding 400 yards during nighttime is now effortless.Article Image

HD & Highlight Mode

HD mode (green eye): High Definition (HD) technology and InfiRay outdoor core provides ultra-clear and sharp thermal images. Highlight mode (red eye): Highlights the targets, especially when the prey is covered by dense forests and bushes.Article Image

IP 65

Built to withstand the elements, its all-metal body and IP65 rating make it resistant to heavy rainstorms and ocean waves. You’ll never lose sight of raccoons and waterfowl, even in severe weather conditions.Article Image

Compatible & Flexible

You can easily connect the XH09 to a tablet, benefiting from the larger screen that enhances the outdoor experience without experiencing dizziness or headaches. Additionally, you can use extension cables or tripods.