‘Yanko Design’ – Smart Face Mask


This smart face-mask can translate languages as you speak!

 C-Face Mask and you aren’t just granted clean, purified air… you also get the power to talk in multiple languages! Designed by Japan-based Donut Robotics, the C-Face mask is a universal mask-cover that fits on top of your standard face mask. Switch it on, and the C-Face mask connects to your smartphone, giving you a wide variety of smart features. Not only does it enable you to answer calls and talk to people without holding your phone’s mouthpiece near your mouth, it auto converts speech to text, allowing you to reply to messages, verbally type out emails, or ask your smartphone’s voice AI queries without having to take off your mask and talk to it. Currently, the C-Face even possesses the ability to translate between Japanese and 8 other languages, but multi-language support is merely an app update away!

As unusual as its design brief sounds, the C-Face mask actually has quite a few really noteworthy benefits. Firstly, since the mask is fitted with its own dedicated microphone, you can speak into your phone without needing to take your mask off. Pair this with the smartphone’s voice-to-text feature and you can talk to other people just by showing them messages on your phone. The voice-to-text feature even means less

The designers at LuxMea Studios decided to develop Nuo 3D mask that is the N95 mask custom measured and build for each individual. Rather than applying one solution to everyone, the Nuo 3D builds custom solutions for each human… a face-mask that comes with a perfect fit, because it was specifically designed to match the contours of individual face.

A Bespoke mask that's tailored to fit you by AI & 3D Printing.

Each mask comes with a 3D printed base, which holds the removable valves, and the washable nonwoven HEPA filters. The masks, by virtue of their custom design, come with a secure fit that doesn’t leave any room for air-leaks (this also means your glasses don’t fog up). Despite its enclosing design, the mask still allows you to communicate freely, as grilles prevent your voice from being muffled, while at the same time, you get the intended security of an N95 face-mask (and a bit more, given that the Nuo filters 99% of all particles), in a design that fits you perfectly – no matter what your age or face-shape!

Designer: LuxMea Studio


The UV Mask, unlike your conventional N95, doesn’t just trap microorganisms… it neutralizes them too, breaking down the genetic materials of coronavirus in milliseconds.

The UV Mask comes with a dual filtration system that delivers the cleanest air quality of any existing face-mask. A preliminary replaceable N95 filter blocks 95% of particles like dust, dirt, debris, up to 0.3 microns. Microorganisms smaller than 0.3 microns then enter the UV-C Sterile Vortex, a helix-shaped filter that blasts microorganisms with UV-C light to destroy 99.9% of the remaining 5% on a DNA level, to give you air that isn’t just clean, it’s medical-grade, sterile-clean, bringing total filtration efficiency to 99.99%.

The UV Mask scales down active UV filtration tech to a wearable level (it’s the only existing mask to do so). Its patent-pending design uses a combination of a CE-FFP2 (EU standard same as N95) filter and two powerful UV-C LEDs to actively sterilize the air you breathe. Even during exhalation, the air you breathe out is sterilized and filtered too, effectively protecting asymptomatic people from infecting others around them.

UVMask: Real-Time Active UV-C Air Purification Face Mask project video thumbnail