‘Yoti’ allows retailers to use AI Face Recognition for Age-Restricted Items

‘Yoti’ has started trial in UK at various supermarket self-service checkouts across the country. Customers have the choice of opting for a facial scan at the checkout counter or using a scan facilitated by an app on their phone.

According to Yoti, the algorithm can detect people aged 13-17 as under the age of 23 with 99.65 percent accuracy, and people aged 6-11 years as under 13 with 98.91 percent accuracy.

‘Yoti’ takes privacy-first approach to age verification
You don’t need to know someone’s name to know they’re the right age – you often don’t even need their date of birth. We’ve built a range of tools that let users prove they’re the right age for your service without sharing any personal information – because it’s good for everybody.

It offer customers six ways to prove their age
It uses a combination of AI technology, liveness anti-spoofing and document authenticity checks so you can be confident in the age of your customers.

  1. Facial age estimation
    Users simply look at the camera on a device and have their photo taken.

it’s algorithm instantly estimates their age based on their face, certified for use in a Challenge 25 policy area.


2) Yoti app

Users scan a QR code using their Yoti app and share a verified “Over” attribute.

Users add an ID document to the app, which we verify is real using automated and manual processes.

3) ID document
Users scan their ID document and take a biometric selfie using the camera on their device.

We match the user to their ID document using automated and manual processes.

4) We verify if your customer is over 18 using their credit card details.

5) Mobile provider check
We verify your customer is over 18 using their mobile provider details.

6) Database check
We verify your customer’s name, date of birth and address against a database