Zero Cow Factory -producing India’s animal-free protein

Zero Cow Factory, a biotechnology company producing India’s animal-free protein and dairy products using bioengineering microbes and precision fermentation.

Zero Cow Factory use of cutting-edge bioengineering and life science-based technologies.

Zero Cow Factory, is working assiduously on developing its own proprietary A2 casein-based solution, a weakness which plant-based ingredients have not yet been able to address successfully.

The company has already demonstrated proof of concept at lab scale with a small bioreactor producing animal-free casein.

The company’s animal-free “Smart Protein” is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk protein as it is free of lactose, antibiotics, growth hormones, cholesterol, and saturated fat. Moreover, compared to conventional dairy farming, it is far more sustainable, requiring 99 percent less land, 98 percent less water, emits 84 percent less CO2e, and consumes 65 percent less energy.

100% Real Dairy. 0% Cow. They are working to reinvent the meaning of traditional dairy and food to make animal-free milk protein and dairy products , using bioengineering the microbes & precision fermentation.