Zhixing Technology S80 Solar Scooter that almost never needs to be plugged in.

Chinese company Jiangsu Snail Zhixing Technology has announced the S80 Solar Scooter. The S80 Solar Scooter is a compact electric scooter that offers an unlimited range, thanks to its solar power generation mechanism. The new e-scooter was on display during the Eurobike 2023 trade show.

The new scooter that has a massive solar panel stretching from the handlebars to the front wheel and another panel that covers the entire base that riders stand on between the two wheels. These panels provide all the charge that the scooter needs to move riders from place to place.

S80 Solar Scooter requires between 7 and 14 hours of sunlight to be fully charged. This scooter can deliver between 35W and 70W of power to charge the in-built battery on the unique-looking scooter.

A full charge of the scooter yields a range of 22 miles (~35km) which is sufficient for most daily urban commutes. The battery is housed within the floorboard and it powers a rear hub motor of up to 350W output. The S80 Solar Scooter has a top speed of 15.5mph (25km/h).

It has built-in GPS for location and anti-theft purposes, and a well-kitted digital panel for ride particulars like speed, battery status, turn signal, and cruise controls.